HCASH Shoot Video: Featuring the Very Hot Sarah from HCASH - Hot Chicks Are So Hot on Vimeo.


Part One: hotchicksaresohot.com/2012/02/13/hcash-photo-shoot-1-sarah/
Part Two:

In January 2012 HCASH got together with Shelby Hayden photo and the outrageously hot Sarah to put together our first feature shoot.

For our first shoot it was imperative to select a seriously hot girl and we think we hit the nail on the head with Sarah. A few hours, a number of outfits and 1300 photos later we were absolutely blown away with the results. Amongst the thousands of photos we shot of bunch of moving portraits to try and capture the vibe of the shoot - pure, relaxed, beautiful hot. It’s been a long time coming but we think good things come to those that wait and now it’s arrived – Our first feature video of the incredibly hot Sarah. Basically it’s just a lovely video of Sarah in her underwear dancing and looking through you with her beautiful eyes.

We’re aiming to bring you a delicious collection of these videos throughout the year and we’re full steam ahead planning our second shoot. Stay tuned and enjoy. HCASH.

Sweet Innocence -Secily from Dorian Earle on Vimeo.

Sweet Innocence - Model Shoot

A model Shoot i did with my ex girlfriend.
Used the Sony FS100 with 90mm 2.8 Macro and 50mm 1.4
slight color correction using final cut X

Shot,Directed,Edited By:Dorian Earle

Stacey in a moving portrait by Wolf189 sponsored by Anika Dali from WOLF189 on Vimeo.

Stacey in a moving portrait by Wolf189 sponsored by Anika Dali
Music by Marcel Pequel